The Do's and Don'ts of Recon

Fifth Day of Adventure

That evening the newly formed Exterminators met up with Rising Genesis outside of the Guild of Heros. There they came up with a plan of action for how to save Juro’s sister. The group then hit up Ivory in order to gain additional information.

The next morning, Tricia took Flughaus, Rane, and Gilmyn shopping to get them new clothes. Tass Animark (Tink Tink) went to the shop and made some awesome daggers. Blaz and Felan went to the armorer and picked up her wolf armor. They met back up at the Bearded Clam around noon.

That evening, the party went to stake out the Blind Tiger, for rumor had it that the Masked Lady would be making an appearance there the following day. Blaz and Tricia staked out the inside, and met up with a couple of possible slave traders. The rest of the group did some recon outside. Tass Animark (Tink Tink) and Felan almost caused an incident at a whorehouse, which caused Tink Tink to run away. Dain and Rising Genesis found a warehouse with some workers who seemed to be compelled. At the end of the night Felan yells at Rising Genesis for not being sneaky enough, and everyone heads to bed.


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