A hunter


An older human, gruff from living alone in the wilderness. Despite his rough nature, his eyes are kind.


While his particular backstory is not known, it is established that he is a retired adventurer. He now takes up a quiet life as a hunter in the Flivahl Forest near Eswyae, the nature city. His cottage is isolated, but he will occasionally travel to trade. He favors the bow.

He found Felan wandering naked in the forest and took her in. After hearing her story, he decided that he should help her, although he wasn’t sure if he should interact with her like a child or an animal. He taught her how to hunt and survive in her new body. Wheaton also explained some societal concepts such as: money, trading, clothes, sewing, and cooking. However, he did not take her into Eswyae in case people there recognized her or were friends of Daisy Lilliwink.

Felan asked Wheaton to come with her on her quest to reverse her curse, but he delined. He advised her to head to Yolis, the capital city, where she might find other adventurers and clues. He does warn her not to trust other people too easily, but some can be helpful. When Felan asks about who to seek in the city for help with the curse he mumbles something about fancy wizards in their fancy towers in their fancy city wearing their fancy robes. He mentions an old friend of his named Ivory who runs a tavern called the Bearded Clam in Yolis.

Former member of Nightshade.


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