The Absent One


“She’s a strange one, that Halle. You’d think that a goddess of earth would be grounded in one place, but this particular one seems to be possessed by a certain wanderlust, a desire to move around and explore.”
- Zerth, the Stone Prince


Halle the Absent One was the member of the Nine who was tasked to overthrow the Ibosa Zerth. While she did take control of the Font of Earth and ascended to godhood, she left ruling the province to Zerth, for leadership was not something she sought nor desired. The people of Wespen did not mind this, for Zerth was actually a strong and dedicated leader, and the majority of Wespen was still loyal to him. Halle is the goddess of earth, mining, treasure hunting, potion making, loyalty, defensive battle strategy, and all creatures who live beneath the earth. She is depicted wearing simple brown and green clothes covered with various satchels full of components and potions, wielding either a whip or kama. Her dragon is Kalurth, Lord of the Earth, a massive dragon seemingly made entirely out of stone. She is on good relations with the countries of Fraeria and Lesnaoya, and even has relations with some of the tribes within the Dreicari Desert.


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