The Bug Champion


The legends surrounding the forests and their mysterious powers have only grown throughout the centuries. One of these legends states that all of the forests are connected, with secret passages connecting them to each other. That one could travel from Flivahl to Brifot and back without ever leaving the comfort of the trees. I, of course, refuse to believe such nonsense.
- The Diary of a Woodsman


Ari the Bug Champion defeated the Ibosa Adia during the Rise, and gained the mantel of Nature Goddess and Queen of the Forests. She rules Eswyae with a sense of urgency and impending doom, and is constantly sending members of her court to Yolis in order to negotiate with the Council. She also does not take kindly to outsiders coming into her forest, and has set up patrols and defenses all along her border. Ari is the goddess of nature, the forest, the hunt, cultivation, conservation, political battle tactics, and sentient plants, bugs and spirits of the forest. She is shown wearing armor reminiscent of that of a bug’s, wielding either hidden wrist blades or dual chakrams. The nature dragon Erfolg, Protector of Creatures works alongside of Ari. While she does initiate trade with the other provinces, she mainly exports to the main body of Ittairea, for she does not trust the other provinces. Especially Fraeria.


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