The Ibosa

Kadohr, the Overlord – Old ruler of Fraeria, depicted as a military tyrant, defeated and imprisoned.

Slena, the Sea Witch – Old ruler of Nestua, depicted as a mermaid with a crown and trident, banished to the sea.

Alous, the Wrathful – Old ruler of Iotruetan, depicted as half man-half bird, driven out of the country.

Zerth, the Stone Prince – Ruler of Wespen, depicted as a humanoid wielding a bow, currently still ruling over Wespen.

Yreus, the Sun’s General – Old ruler of Lesnaoya, depicted as an old man wielding two spears, leader of the One Thousand Spears, currently banished to the far north reaches.

Qynra, Queen of the Night – Old ruler of Gruar Blax, depicted as a dark priestess, currently imprisoned somewhere in Gruar Blax.

Adia, the Forest Champion – Old ruler of Eswyae, depicted as a dryad, current whereabouts unknown.

Zeruer, the Mad Scientist – Old ruler of Asmal, depicted as an oversized imp, currently banished to another plane of existence.

Rimir, the Thunder God – Old ruler of Ebrijan, depicted as a strong warrior, currently serving as one of Rabea’s generals.

The Ibosa

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