The Beginning

Then the Edenmother outstretched her arms, and Her Sparks flew out across the universe, and wherever they landed, life and magic were born.
- The Gifts of Eden: A Story of Creation


In the beginning, there was just the Spark. And when it landed on the rock later to be known as Qoatera, the planet was barren. But from this Spark of Eden new life sprung forth. Forests grew, oceans rose out from the earth, and all of the ancient creatures and races opened their eyes for the first time. It was a time of peace, and all lived in harmony with one another.

Such peace could not last though. Paradise rarely does. It was not some great evil that came to destroy it, however. Historians used to think that the power of Eden beget good, but we now know that not to be true. Eden is a force of creation, and balance, and good and evil are both inherent to it. There was murder, stealing, and eventually an all-out war broke between the intelligent races.

This would be known as the First Great War of the Races. In the coming millenniums there would be four more wars like it. Elves would fight dwarves, humans against orcs, dragonborn against tiefling, resulting in countless deaths throughout the years. During the fifth and Final Great War of the Races 500 years ago, everything changed.


It was during this Final Great War that the Fonts of Creation were discovered. These nine fonts were the source of great elemental and mystical power, and were subsequently locked down and taken control of by nine different individuals. These individuals eventually became known as the Ibosa, and were gods in their own right. So great was their power that they eventually challenged the Old Gods, which ruled over the individual races, to a final battle as to whom should rule. And thus was how the Battle of the Gods came to pass. The Ibosa won the battle, and most of the Old Gods either died, fled to alternate dimensions, or faded away due to a lack of following. This began the year 0 N.E. (New Era).

The Ibosa ruled over Qoatera with an iron fist. Racial divides no longer matter, and the intelligent races were now split between elemental ones. Nine separate nations were formed, and those who did not want to declare allegiance either fled into the desert or went into hiding. Some joined nations begrudgingly, without patriotism or flare, whereas others were devout to their nation’s cause and ideals. It was a time of relative peace, and for the most part the nations stayed out of each other’s way.

Tensions rose again in 380 N.E., with land and power disputes between the Archinoch Treaty Alliance, which consisted of the nations Nestua, Iotruetan, and Lesnaoya; and the Commisil Pact of the nations of Fraeria, Wespen, and Gruar Blax; broke out into a full scale, continent wide civil war. The nation of Eswyae sided with the Archinoch Treaty nations, and the nation of Ebrijan joined those in the Commisil Pact. The nation of Asmal chose to remain neutral, and the war was in a gridlock, with neither side gaining an advantage. There was much push from both sides to get Asmal to join the war, in order to get the upper hand, but neither side was successful in their endeavors. The war would go on like this for 17 years.

In the eighteenth year of the war, the Circle of the Nine rose to power. It was a coven of the nine most powerful sorceresses in Qoatera, with a representative from each of the nine countries. In one swift and decisive strike, they overthrew the Ibosa. Some of the Ibosa had to be taken down by force, while others stepped down more or less willingly. The Nine then worked to create the nation of Ittairea, drawing back the old nations power and land to turn them into provinces, while leaving most of the nation neutral and under the rule of Ittairea’s ruler. They established a Council to advise the ruler, with representatives from each of the provinces. This created a realm where those who wanted to stay aligned to a certain nation could stay within the province, while those who wanted to become neutral could do so. The Nine and all of those who wished to become neutral came together, and the capital city of Yolis was founded, the new seat of a new empire. The war was over, and there has been relative peace up through the time of this writing.


The Beginning

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