Dancer in the Waves


I then saw Tiana looking over Wolems Harbor, or maybe even the sea beyond. She must have seen the many ships dotting the horizon, coming to and from port. Maybe she was looking at the island Shadon, barely visible on the edge of the horizon. As I moved to take a closer look, I accidently stepped on a twig, causing it to snap. She looked up quickly, spotted me immediately, and fled. I tried to catch up to her, but by the time I was able to reach the point where I saw her sitting, she was already long gone.
- Tales of a Sea Voyager, Volume II


Tiana, Dancer in the Waves was the member of the Nine who liberated Nestua from the Ibosa Slena. She is the goddess of water, bodies of water, seafarers, merchants, moneylenders, introspection, counterintelligence, and all creatures that swim in the depths. She is depicted wearing a tight blue garb and mask, wielding either sais or a crystal halberd. Tiana does not rule the province directly, instead leaving it in the hands of the Princess Aurrora. She instead focuses on leading the Order of the Lily, an order of ninja tasked with protecting Nestua while gathering intelligence on outside threats. She has also been known to walk among her people to personally see how they are doing. Her dragon companion is Dalbinth the Calm, a massive sea serpent with sapphire and coral scales. She is on good relations with most other provinces, or it could be said they are on good relations with her, if they want to use her trade routes.


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