The Grey Mother

Protector of Life


Be still, my children, and listen. Every life is a precious seed, and each seed must be nurtured and brought forth to fruition. Only then can they bear new seeds, and the cycle of life is renewed
- The Accord of the Grey Mother


If Osha is the guardian of souls after life, then the Grey Mother is the protector of the souls of the living. The goddess of healing, she and her followers make it their sworn duty to protect and heal life. While her main temple is in Llyn, on the border of Gruar Blax, her followers have spread themselves throughout Ittairea. Most hospitals, clinics, and physician houses have some sort of idol, icon, or effigy devoted to her, and many practitioners of medicine and healing. She is depicted as a simple woman with gray hair, wearing a gray robe.

The Grey Mother

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