The Storm's Fist


“We shall strike swift! We shall strike true! None can stand up to the storm’s ferocity! Let the lightning strike! Let the thunder roar! Let them know that it was the might of Ebrijan that brought them to their knees!”
- Ebrijani war cry


Rabea, the Storm’s Fist, defeated the Ibosa Rimir in a duel for control over the base of Ebrijan. After gaining control, all of the soldiers either pledged their loyalty to her, or were executed for treason. Rabea is a militaristic leader, and does not let her troops slack. Everyone on Ebrijan is kept in a constant state of readiness, prepared to be called into whatever conflict Rabea or the Grey King Jaheim call them into. Rabea is the goddess of thunder and lightning, the military, champions, determination, blitzkrieg tactics, and creatures of the storm. She is depicted wearing fur lined robes and wielding either a spear or her fists. Her dragon companion is Xalarth, Protector of the Sky. She keeps in good relations with Fraeria for armor and weapons, and with Iotruetan for air ships. She has little interest in those who will not help her strengthen her army.


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