Harvestor of Souls


Her words are holy and true, and Her guidances shall be followed
The souls of mortals shall be treated with respect, as well as their vessels
The souls of the damned shall be released from their vessels, so that they may return and be purified by Her
Souls are pure, it is the mind and body that corrupts
- Tenants of the Church of Osha


One of the few Old Gods to survive the Battle of the Gods, Osha is the goddess of souls and the afterlife. The practitioners of her church are considered agnostic to the loyalties of the provinces, and perform many of the funeral rites throughout Ittairea. Osha spends most of her time guarding the doors to the afterlife, and protecting the souls within. When she does reveal herself in the Mortal Plane, she tends to either take the form of a little girl or an elderly crone.


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