Wing Rider


One of the most defining features of Iotruetan rests at the peak of Vrilst Mountain: Heaven’s Aerie. It is here that Kirsten keeps all of the creatures that have pledged loyalty to her, and it is here that she watches over her kingdom
- A Visitor’s Guide to Iotruetan


Kirstin, Wing Rider, rules over Iotruetan from its capital Heaven’s Aerie. After driving out the Ibosa Alous, she began the daunting task of transforming the region from a place of secrecy and darkness into a place all could feel welcome. She is credited with designing some of the first airships, and built docks and service stations for them throughout the mountain, from which towns sprung around to cater to the air ships’ denizens. Kirsten is the goddess of the wind, the sky, airships, crafting, exploration, freedom, ranged battle, and all of the creatures of the air and sky. She is depicted wearing leather armor partially covered in plate, wielding either a large crossbow or a double edged sword. Rylarth the Swift is the dragon who pledged loyalty to her, a dragon with massive wings and covered in feathers. While she doesn’t mind the occasional trade she gets, Kirsten designed Iotruetan to be a place that all who wished to go to would be welcome, and generally does not try to push a political agenda. This puts the province at a relative good standing with all of the others.


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