The Blessed


Blessed are those who walk in the Light, for they cannot be touched by the Darkness. Blessed are those who stay true to the Path, for they will not stray into the Shadows. Blessed are those who give to the needy, for Charity strengthens our weakest links. Blessed are those who follow the statues of those placed above them, for only through Order can we achieve Peace.
- The Code of the Sun


During the Rise of the Nine, Kala the Blessed fought against the Ibosa Yreus and the One Thousand Spears. After Kala defeated and banished Yreus and his army, she took over as ruler of Lesnaoya. She has been described as both compassionate and stern, helping those in need while punishing those who break the law. Kala is the goddess of light, the day, art, charity, compassion, healing, and all creatures of the light. She is portrayed in golden robes and armor, wielding a spade and a torch. Nessoth, Protector of Life, is the light dragon that serves Kala. Lesnaoya keeps close relations with the city of Yolis, Wespen for materials, and Iotruetan for transport and trade.


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