Grey King Jahiem

First Ruler of Ittairea


“Prosperity through unity and balance.”
- The Grey King Jahiem, First Ruler of Ittairea


No one really knows where the Grey King came from. All that is known is that when the Nine formed Ittairea from the ruins of the war, he was the one they appointed as its ruler, and no one dared question it. Some say he is somehow related to the Grey Mother, and while they might be similar in title and appearance, no further evidence has been brought forward to support this claim.

Regardless of his origins, the Grey King appears to be a firm but just ruler. He listens to his council, and enacts the laws in a fair and even manner. While he may appear human, he has lived far too long for that to be the case, being ruler of Ittairea for the better part of 120 years. It is believed that this ambiguity of origin, race, and allegiance is what gives him his sway with the council and the people, a certain neutrality so that none can accuse him of taking sides. He rules the country from his throne in Yolis.

Grey King Jahiem

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