The Firewalker


“You really think that you can succeed in your little coup?” Kadohr cried out, “You are outmatched on every front!” “If that was true”, Arin replied calmly, with twin fireballs forming within the blades of her fans, “Why can I sense so much fear from you?”
- The Rise of the Nine


Arin the Fire Walker was the member of the Nine who seized control of the province Fraeria from the Ibosa Kadohr, making her the goddess of fire, the hearth, forges, armor and weapon making, passion, offensive battle strategy, and all creatures born of fire. She is often depicted with red hair, wearing ornate red and gold robes, wielding either twin fans or twin red katanas. Her dragon is Mirleth the Firebreath, who has deep ruby scales, four limbs, two massive wings, and breaths fire. Arin rules the province with passion, and is quick to execute judgement against those who she thinks has crossed her. She keeps good relations with the neighboring country of Wespen, who provide much of the ore she needs for her forges. She keeps a working relationship with the country of Nestua, for while they might differ in political goals and strategy, she is acutely aware of the value of Nestua’s trade routes and the exotic ores and metals they bring in.


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