The Grand Priestess


Darkness is not evil, just as light is not good. But much as evil is the counterbalance to good, so too is darkness the counterbalance to light. They cannot exist without the other, and both have their uses. As long as there has been a need to reveal, there has been a need to hide, and the shadows can protect that what we hold most near.
- Pillars of Faith: The Church of Alexi


The Ibosa Qynra was overthrown and banished by Alexi, the Grand Priestess. Her first order of business was destroying the Temple of Qynra and building the bigger Church of Alexi in its place. She is both the religious and political leader of Gruar Blax, turning the province into a theocracy. While she permits most of the other religions to practice in peace, all must respect the statutes put forth by her and her order. She is the goddess of darkness, the night, outcasts, refugees, devotion, espionage, and all of the creatures of the dark. She is portrayed wearing black robes, wielding either a scythe or broken chains. Most of the other provinces, and even the country as a whole, leave her alone, and she responds in kind.


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