The High Seer


Day 45: Progress has been made on the stabilization field. Turns out that inverting every third energy crystal, while leaving the first two crystals upright, creates a wave propagation effect that is both sustainable and self-stabilizing. So far I have only been able to replicate this effect when the first crystal is of a different make than the second two in the pattern. Further research and experimentation must be undertaken.
- The Jerzaren Papers


Aishwarya the High Seer led the rebellion against the Ibosa Zeruer. Before the Rise, Asmal served as a fortress and a research facility for the Ibosas’ personal use. After her takeover, Aishwarya locked away the Ibosas’ darker research, and opened up Asmal to all who would like to learn and discover. Aishwarya is the goddess of space, celestial bodies, astrology, academics, research, knowledge, military intelligence, and beings from other planes. She is depicted wearing deep blue robes with a breastplate and wielding either a mace or a single scimitar. The astral dragon Rumalth the Gifted One guards Asmal aside her. Aishwarya tends to stay out of politics and trade with the nation and the other states, and instead focuses on protecting the knowledge she has gained, and protecting those who conduct new research under her guidance.


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