Welcome to the BIG CITY!

Third Day of Adventure

The group makes it to Yolis and splits up to go shopping and explore. Tricia breaks off for a mystery adventure and buys a scarf to adorn Yama. Tink Tink buys a scarf to hide his eyes. He goes to a books store with Dain to buy words, but the book he wants is too expensive, so they settle for a map of the city. Tink Tink gets an apprenticeship at the blacksmith to raise money for books. Dain goes to the temple of Osha to ask about his nightmares, but doesn't get the answers he's looking for. He then goes to the temple of Aishwarya to speak to a dream interpreter, but ends up with Miss Cleo. Felan and Blaz sell the pelts at the fur trader and go to the tanner to get the wolf pelts turned into armor. Blaz teaches Felan about sexual objectification, boobs, and bartering tactics. Tricia rejoins Felan and Blaz and they head to the bearded clam. Felan learns more about Wheaton, Daisy Lilliwink, and her curse. They also learn the name of the peacock witch, which is the Witch of Candor. Blaz gets into a bard off with Iowin, a famous bard. Blaz uses Tricia and Felan as backup dancers for his performance and ties with Iowin. They end the night with ale and shots before heading to the Broken Hammer for bed. Dain has a nightmare and wakes up Tink Tink and Tricia.


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