Journey to Yolis

Second Day of Adventure

The Adventure in Brief:
Found out witch looks like a peacock
Tink Tink got some books.
Yama got scarier (Jaws and paws baby. Jaws and paws).

Blaz challenges bandits to a bard off, they’d rather fight.
Felan takes a pot shot at the bandit leader, he returns with throwing knives.
Tink Tink runs and charges at the bandits, Dain supports with the beatdown.
Party battles bandits, they apparently really hate Tricia.
Blaz makes a couple bandits crispy.
Felan bathes in the blood of her enemies.
The party successfully kills all of the bandits.

Near the end of the party’s rest, wolves attack.
Felan attempts communication, discovers mind control.
Tink Tink suicide bombs the pack with magic, gets beatdown.
Rest of party sticks together, kill some wolves.
Tricia discovers she’s better with knives than a mace.
The party fends off the wolves, Felan is sad.
The party successfully reaches the gates of Yolis.

Episode 2- It Could Have Been a Bard Off!


Which is apparently guarded by giant goats that hunger for flesh. MARTYRDOM HERE I COME

Journey to Yolis

WHAT? More goats??

Journey to Yolis
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