Fourth Day of Adventure

In the middle of the night Dain woke up screaming from a nightmare. The party seemed concerned.

Tink Tink woke up early to go smith. Created a passable javelin.

Dain went to the temple of Osha to talk to the head priest about his dream. Got non answer.

Felan and Tricia went exploring around the Brokelight district. Met the entertainer Yonwen.

Blaz went of to buy herbs and a new instrument, and to learn about local flora.

DainFelan, and Tricia meet back up at the Bearded Clam and head towards the District of Learning. They drop Dain off at Lady Celeste, with whom he talks to abot his dream.

Felan, and Tricia head into the District of Learning and make their way to the Guild of Heros. There they learn about the Witch of Candor, met the Grand Master Vermund and the sphynx boy Juro of Rising Genesis. Dain catches up with them and they decide to join the guild as the adventuring group The Exterminators in order to use the guild's resources. Also agree to assist Juro with saving his sister from the Masked Lady. They head back to the Bearded Clam.

Tass Animark finishes his javelin and heads to the District of Learning. Goes toward the main college and learns about runes and Shardminds from the head wizard Abbeus. Heads back to Bearded Clam.

Blaz gets his herbs and heads to Dove Feather. There he buys a fiddle and performs in the streets before heading back to the Bearded Clam.


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